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Veteran Mistake Costly in Red Wings’ Loss to Rangers



David Perron, Red Wings

DETROIT — This is a time of the season when every play, every mistake, every opportunity matters. A missed assignment, an unlucky bounce or a bad penalty, could end up costing a team like the Red Wings a playoff berth.

The Red Wings played a good hockey game, but a few errors, including an ill-advised offensive zone penalty by David Perron in the third period, were the difference in a 4-3 loss to the New York Rangers.

With the game tied 3-3 midway through the third period, Perron was called for high sticking at 9:29 and Chris Kreider turned that into a game-winning power play goal.

“That was a tough penalty,” Detroit coach Derek Lalonde said. “The momentum felt good and we put their power play on for the third time and they cashed in.”

That wasn’t the only reason the Red Wings lost. Other veterans made mistakes that were just as costly, but Perron’s penalty will be remembered because it led to a goal.

“It’s magnified now on every play,” Lalonde said. “This is why it’s really good for our guys to be going through this. It’s just different this time of year. It’s amplified this time of year and you learn, especially against a really good team, we left some plays out there. Unfortunately, it cost us.”

Missed Opportunity

This lost cost the Red Wings in a big way because other teams helped them out Friday. The Buffalo Sabres knocked off Philadelphia Flyers, 4-2 and the Carolina Hurricanes downed the Washington Capitals, 3-2. Even with the loss, Detroit is only one point behind the Flyers for the final wildcard spot in the Eastern Conference. The Capitals are also only one point back. The Pittsburgh Penguins are two behind.

The New York Islanders are now in third place in the Metropolitan Division, putting them in a playoff position. By winning, the Sabres are now only three points behind Detroit. Those teams are meeting Sunday in a matinee at Little Caesars Arena.

“I think we gave them a bit too much,” Lalonde said. “If you would have told me we would have kept their top six off the board five on five, we could have liked our chances. Just a couple plays out there that ended up costing us and that’s the time of year, especially against a team of that caliber.

Gritty New York role player Barclay Goodrow scored a pair of goals and unheralded Will Cuylle netted another. Detroit tied the game twice on goals by Andrew Copp and J.T. Compher and then went ahead 3-2 on Dylan Larkin‘s 30th goal of the season. That lead lasted 25 seconds because Goodrow scored his second goal.

Time Running Out

“We played good enough to get a point, to get two points tonight,” Larkin said. “I think when you get to this time of the year, every time that you drop a game it feels like an opportunity missed. It’s been hard. The hockey’s been hard and tight. We’ve been talking about every play and making sure we make every play. We left a couple out there tonight, which makes it hurt more.”

The Red Wings only have six games remaining.

‘Plays that happen in the first period are magnified throughout,” Copp said. “It’s not just the push at the end. It’s that time of the year where everything gets magnified. Tonight’s no different. We played pretty good. But pretty good this time of year can be .500 hockey. We just gotta find a way to minimize those . . . you know, you’re gonna make mistakes in a game. Everyone’s gonna make mistakes in a game. It felt like they ended up being big ones tonight.”


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Mike Babcock

Another moral victory. 🙄

You tell ’em, Losey.

Another blown lead.

What else is new?

Which Red Wings team will show up on Sunday?

Does it even matter?

Mike C

Does it even matter?

Not to you, obviously.

You’ll find something to complain about regardless.


Veteran mistakes again. Steve has his work cut out for him. I think some Yutes need to play on the big club next season. We’ll see.


Perron seems to take bad penalties at the worst time. Opposite of what is needed from a good vet. Think some of it is he is just worn down and does not have enough in the tank to keep focused. Another reason to not sign him to any length or any large cap hit.


Totally agree, and Petry has given the same bad and costly penalties for much of the season. Bringing in veterans is great in the locker room, but by end of regular season, their decision making is challenged on the ice. I was hoping and expecting more from DeBrincat, he’s had a lot of blown chances this past month.

Stevie B

It’s not just him though, czarnick was supposed to be in the team because of his defensive responsibility and twice I have seen him turn pucks over for us to get scored on….one of them a blind pass to a NY Ranger….responsibility?…wtf. Him and Perron both cost us big on an important night. If we take even 1 point against the Rangers we’re in the wildcard spot so those guys really let us down. I’m still pretty angry about it but of course, Perron is coach’s pet so he at least will not be paying for his many transgressions.

Last edited 9 days ago by Stevie B

Perron scored the game winner last game

John Parham

The Red Wings need some leadership that puts the emphasis on winning and winning at all costs. No excuses or process victories. If there’s is one thing Yzerman needs to accomplish this offseason, it’s eliminating this mindset.

Stevie B

It’s beginning to annoy me that Lalonde keeps finding different ways to express the same mistakes happening game after game. He’s not coaching the mistakes out of this team, so if Yzerman does want to eliminate the process victory mindset I have a feeling he’s going to need a new coach because with Lalonde, process victories are all we seem to get. I wouldn’t mind so much if he was scrubbing the mistakes out but game after game all I hear is “we gave them easy offense”.

Mike Babcock

Losey is like the guy watching the TV show “Jeopardy” in front of his tv and gets all the answers right.

His kid’s marvel at his superior intellect and say “Hey Dad! You should go on the show!”

So then Losey goes on the show and finishes last.

He says he liked his process but he let 5 questions get away from him and he was chasing Alex Trebek’s ghost the the rest of the night.

Let’s face it.

Losey Lalonde is Jeff Blashill minus the goofy facial expressions and Mike Babcock impersonation.


They need to thank their lucky stars that the Flyers and Caps have fallen off a cliff. it’s the only reason they’re still in it. Perron has to be the team leader in offensive and neutral zone penalties, with Rasmussen probably 2nd. I still thought they played a decent game, worked hard, and had a winnable game. They seem to be working themselves out of their funk, and could potentially play some good hockey in this last stretch, especially if DeBrincat (who seems way over due) can break through. For how well he played earlier in the season, I doubt anyone had him penciled in for only 24 goals at this point.

Mike Babcock

Does any team give the puck away more than Detroit does?

It’s the same thing every game!

You’re taught in tyke hockey to never pass the puck in front of your net yet the Red Wings do this repeatedly!