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Former Red Wings Player Alienating Women’s Roundball Fans

Ex-Detroit forward expresses doubts regarding popularity of sport



Bobby Ryan, Detroit Red Wings
Former Red Wings forward Bobby Ryan is facing the wrath of social media after criticizing the popularity of women's college basketball.

It seems a strange hill to die on, yet former Detroit Red Wings forward Bobby Ryan was opting to stake out ground there. And when the heat was turned up, he was choosing to dig in and become firmly entrenched it what is undoubtedly an extremely unpopular opinion.

Making a foray into a thread excitedly extolling the popularity of women’s college basketball on X, the social media sight formerly known as Twitter, Ryan was opting to play devil’s advocate.

“Name 7 players,” Ryan posted. “Not 1. Not 2…5-7. First and last names…go for it.”

As poster after poster came up with the requirement of naming seven female college basketball players, Ryan would simply be insisting that they merely took to Google to find the names and in fact, weren’t actually true fans.

That logic certainly flies in the face of the fact that the ratings for Monday’s Iowa-LSU Final Four game featuring college basketball superstar Caitlin Clark of the the Hawkeyes drew a television audience of 12.3 million viewers.

By contrast, the average viewership for the 2023 Stanley Cup final between the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers was just 2.6 million viewers.

Red Wings Player Getting Ratioed

Refusing to budge on his stance, Ryan was only opening himself up for attacks from all sides. Some were merely puzzled by Ryan’s response.

“Weird take Bobby,” noted @mikeIsaak.

“What’s the endgame here?” asked @bigglesofficial.

Others weren’t nearly as polite or tactful in their criticisms of Ryan’s unpopular stance. Some even went as low as to point to Ryan’s troubled past with alcohol abuse issues. That addiction saw him end up in the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance program.

Ryan spent the 2020-21 season with the Red Wings. It would prove to be his last campaign as an NHL player. He would be gaining an invitation to Detroit’s camp in the fall of 2021 on a PTO. However, the Red Wings would be giving Ryan his release on the eve of the season.

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based roundball ignorer

Luke zins

I hate watching basketball, and can probably name close to 7 players in women’s college basketball. I could not name 7 male players. So I could argue that women’s basketball is probably more popular.


Please don’t associate this fool with the Redwings. One failed comeback attempt doesn’t make him a Redwing. Call him a Duck, a Senator or just an idiot, but please not a Redwing.

Thank you.

Mike Babcock

Seems like Bobby has a bit too much time on his hands now that his hockey career is over. 😬